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At the cabin, the kids and I are working on a lot, learning a lot, and making a lot of mistakes, but most of all, we're having a blast and making experiences as a family! Read some of what we are up to and what's new along our journey. Welcome to the Cabin Chick Blog!

I've never spoken this vulnerably before...

So I'm spilling it all to you and being the most vulnerable I've ever been... [image: image1.JPG]

So you may have read or heard how I started building my tiny cabin from a really dark place and dealing with severe depression. Well, I've always lightly glazed on that part of my story until now... Now I'm ready to share the real truth behind my story and I'm doing it on my terms.

I don't want to hide behind what I've overcome because it is truly what makes me who I am today and why I've done the things I've done and accomplished.

Lots of people suffer from depression and are also survivors of suicide and suicidal thoughts, so I want to use this platform for good, empowerment, and a safe place to share my story so others, maybe even you, can find comfort in knowing you're not alone. I've rebuilt my life from a very dark place and I know if I can do it, so can you!

I wanted to share my story on my terms and in the space of good company. My good friend Paul Fuhr has a podcast, Fuhrious he and I had a very fun, open, and enlightening conversation over the weekend that I'd like to share with you !

Whether you're in the car, working out, or just need to take a little breather, I invite you to join my interview with Paul Fuhr on the Fuhrious Podcast .

If anything, I hope you find the honesty I intended to share as well as understand my story even a little more. It's not just about building tiny houses, it's about building bigger futures and a greater sense of happiness.

As always, thanks so much for following my family and I on our tiny house journey and I hope to be a part of yours. Keep in touch, talk to me on *Facebook, Twitter, YouTube*, and all my love and best to you!

Much Love, Kelley (The Cabin Chick)

by Cabin Chick